Tuesday, 28 September 2010

An update!

Its been busy here in Manchester with Freshers week and the start of some crazy experiments of mine.
Amongst all the chaos I found time to assemble my grav tanks and magnetise the relavant turrets for easy storage and weapon swapping.

I'm currently working on the basecoats for them all (3 falcon, 2 fire prism, 2 wave serpent, 2 vyper) so my aim is to have them all basecoated in primary colours by Sunday. If i'm successful i'll put up a pic of them at the basecoat stage next to a wave serpent I finished up (minus the turret) to show what the finished articles should look like.

Dr Titch out!

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Eldar Striking Scorpion Exarch

Striking Scoprion Exarch: Sealgairean (The Hunter)

I like the Exarch with the scorpion's claw, he looks like he is scanning around for signs of his prey... Also there is a definite bit of Rasta in those locks man... Naaaasty. I couldn't resist painting him before the rest of his squad...
I decided against painting my aspect warriors in the cannonical way, instead choosing to base them on the craftworld colours of white and orange but with a third dominant colour being that of their aspect. Instead of painting the armour plates orange I switched them to scoropion green and contrasted this with orange weaponry.
Yellow detailing blends the contrast between the orange and green and overall I like the finished product. Not too complex and not just chucking some green on it with a wash or two as the codex would like me to...

I just have to get around to finishing off the base and maybe redo a couple of gemstones (the white spots are too big) and he'll be ready for action.

Here he is...

Eldar Rangers

My first proper entry and the first (and currently only :/) fully painted unit I have done.

Eldar Rangers: Orren's Outcasts

I decided to use darker shading that I aim for on my guardians and aspect warriors as they don't aim to be noticed. The cratworld colours of white and orange were represented, with a deep red for the packs and colourful gems to break up the black/ashen cloaks. I tried to vary the skin tones of the rangers to make them stand apart from one another. The skin tones are darker than a standard eldar too, as I imagined them being out and about more and being acclimatised to being off-craftworld.

Here are the pics

Monday, 13 September 2010


I will be using this place to motivate me to get cracking with the painting of my own (as yet nameless) craftworld.
So far i've painted a unit of rangers and a scorpion exarch completely, but i've others in varying stages. I'll get some photos of the rangers up soon as a start then who knows?

I'm painting things to as decent a standard as i'm capable of, but i'll try and get most things up to tabletop standard before spending time on details and some freehand work.

I'm also working on magnetising my vehicles for quick weapon swaps, so the vehicles will take a while longer to get done. Excuses excuses! :p