Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Eldar Striking Scorpion Exarch

Striking Scoprion Exarch: Sealgairean (The Hunter)

I like the Exarch with the scorpion's claw, he looks like he is scanning around for signs of his prey... Also there is a definite bit of Rasta in those locks man... Naaaasty. I couldn't resist painting him before the rest of his squad...
I decided against painting my aspect warriors in the cannonical way, instead choosing to base them on the craftworld colours of white and orange but with a third dominant colour being that of their aspect. Instead of painting the armour plates orange I switched them to scoropion green and contrasted this with orange weaponry.
Yellow detailing blends the contrast between the orange and green and overall I like the finished product. Not too complex and not just chucking some green on it with a wash or two as the codex would like me to...

I just have to get around to finishing off the base and maybe redo a couple of gemstones (the white spots are too big) and he'll be ready for action.

Here he is...


  1. Very nice mate, very nice indeed

  2. I like the white accents added into the traditional colors and, of course, the army signature orange seals the deal.