Thursday, 23 December 2010

1750 Eldar list

I'm planning on having a game against Von Muller's IG list in the new year (you can see it on his blog so I though I should share the list i'd like to try against it as it's only fair on the chap ;). I'd also like to point out it's supposed to be an all-comers list so i'm aware the runes of warding are useless against his particular guard list. It's also fluffy as there are 3 10 man guardian squads ;)

HQ1: Farseer (Runes of Warding, Fortune, Guide, Spirit Stones) 130 pts
         Warlock Retinue (5 Warlocks, 2 Singing Spears, Embolden, Enhance, Destructor) 161 pts

HQ2: The Avatar of Khaine (Contrary to popular belief, HE is Iron Man not Tony Stark!) 155 pts

Elite1: 5 Fire Dragons 80 pts
          Wave Serpent (TL-Eldar Missile Launcher, Shuriken Cannon) 120 pts

Elite2: 5 Fire Dragons 80 pts
          Wave Serpent (TL-Eldar Missile Launcher, Shurken Cannon) 120 pts

Troops1: 10 Guardian Defenders (Scatter Laser) 95 pts

Troops2: 10 Guardian Defenders (Scatter Laser) 95 pts

Troops3: 10 Storm Guardians (2 Flamers) 96 pts
               Warlock (Destructor) 35 pts
               Wave Serpent  (TL-Eldar Missile Launcher, Shuriken cannon) 120 pts

Heavy Support1: Night Spinner (Shuriken Cannon) 115 pts
Heavy Support2: War Walker Squadron (3 walkers, Shuriken Cannons, Scatter Lasers) 150pts

Heavy Support3: Falcon (EML, Shuriken Cannon, HoloFields, Spirit Stones) 190 pts

Total points 1748

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