Sunday, 5 December 2010

Oooh I say!

I had a rematch against Leo's Nids, which I might write up this week, as i'm in Germany on weds (free beer!). Also i've had a fully assembled Goblin army sat on my shelf in need of some green paint for some time. I feel it's time for a break painting white an orange and have had a delivery of balsa wood which will become goblin artillery (the last thing missing to complete 2000 points). When they're made i'll make a seperate blog for my gobbo boys and get cracking on some goblin speed painting.



  1. Army Painter do a "Greenskin" spray primer, I found their "Pure Red" worked wonders when I was painting my Sparkle Angels lol

  2. Well these are Night Goblins, so mostly they are black. I found a nice method that works for me with foundation green followed by 1:1 goblin green and snot green. Wash with Thraka green and then a small touch highlights with watered-down pure snot green in layers.

    I can knock them out to the washed stage where they're pretty much ready to use then highlight when I can be bothered.

    I should come down and give you lot a good kicking with my wee green men (CRIVENS!) ;)

  3. Ooooh, a bit of stunty on stunty action!!! Bring it on! lol