Sunday, 3 October 2010

Eldar Grav Tanks (Work In Progress - Basecoat)

I set a challenge last week to have all my tanks and vypers basecoated in the craftworld colours by today. I'm happy to say I hit my target and so without further delay, here is the photographic evidence :)

If it wasn't for the foundation grey i'd never manage to pull off this colour scheme... white is a pain in the arse!

As a bonus i'm going to show you one of the converted turret weapons I made for my wave serpents.
They are designed to go onto a modified forgeworld turret and I'm particularly pleased with the twin-linked brightlances. They remind me of a mini version of the twin pulsars on the larger forgeworld super-heavy grav-tanks.


  1. Hey mate, Some great looking gravtanks you got there! will be keeping an eye on this Blog. To bad we Eldar players don't ahve more heavy slots :) I would love to be able to field 3 falcons and 2 fire Prisms.

    Cheers CJ

  2. Beautiful stuff you have here and a great smooth paint style that is so iconic for Eldar. That is such a striking color scheme for an army.