Sunday, 17 October 2010


Last week I had a few games against a PhD colleague as a reward for him handing in his thesis.
I'd got a smallish table but big enough for a 1000 pt game but I lacked terrain, so using some ebayed resin pieces, a hot knife and some cheap plastic kits I knocked up plenty of terrain for some good interesting games.

These are the bits I managed to get base coated in time:
 Some large rocky outcrops

 Imperial Bastion and a Skyshield landing pad
 4 Assorted ruins/barricades including one with a field command post (that one's for you Von Muller!)

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  1. I want this to be an ash waste board but i'm thinking about adding some reds and browns to vary it and make it look mineral rich (a reason for the imperium to be there perhaps?).

    I'll have to grab some paint in suitable quantity to get all this done, but i'll try and get the ground painted and the walls and fortifications basecoated in the next 2 weeks. Watch out for updates!